Letters to Our Robot Son

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An unexpected story of life, family, hope and redemption – at the end of the world.

Arto has a problem. For one, he’s a robot. He’s awoken with no memory of who he is, with nothing but a mysterious letter, in a world bereft of those fleshy, talky things that made him. So why is he alone, and where have all the people gone?

He stumbles upon a lost, cheeky kitten and selects it as his best friend for the adventure of a lifetime, trying to make sense of all this existence stuff. Just as Arto begins to fear he’s the only sentient thing left on the whole planet, a cantankerous robot falls from the sky.

She says she’s his sister.

And that’s the problem, because she might be the reason there are no more people.

Bell is a mercurial genius, a fearless imagineer, whose bold ideas fizz off the page with spry wit and distinct rhythm.

Letters to Our Robot Son is a superb work that summons the speculative spirit of Phillip K. Dick, H.G. Wells and Charlie Brooker. Told with warmth, tenderness and courage, it’s an unmissable journey that will move, challenge and inspire.

Craig Silvey
Author of Jasper Jones, Honeybee and Runt

Epic in every possible way. Big ideas. Big adventures. Big heart. Big questions. Cadance Bell reminds us why stories matter – particularly the ones we tell ourselves. She is a tale teller; a world conjurer; a narrative alchemist. Letters to Our Robot Son is as playful as it is prescient, and an intergalactic love letter to found families”.

Beejay Silcox
Literary Critic

“Cadance Bell has pulled off an extraordinary feat in Letters to our Robot Son: a terrifying, funny, profound and ultimately hopeful story of what makes us human – and why we must question that. A rollicking adventure with a heart-busting character at its core that tousles with some of the biggest and most important questions of our time.”

Kate Mildenhall
Author of The Hummingbird Effect and The Mother Fault