RAF Plus Cadance

I’m happy to announce new support for my shenanigans thanks to Regional Arts NSW, Regional Arts Australia and the Australian Government.

In 2022 I’ll be embarking on an intense publicity and media schedule ahead of a national book tour. It’s exciting, but it’s also bloody scary.

It’s probably not something people think about very often, but facing talk shows, journalists & news interviews (and not looking like a pork chop doing it) takes a lot of grit & preparation.

This is heightened when you’re a trans chickie from the bush, who’s spent the past 18 months in PJ’s, pantsless & over caffeinated in home office Zoom calls & writing books. Joining team Cadance are my media strategists & mentors at Media Mentors Australia. With support from the Regional Arts Fund and Denise & Esther, I’ll be undertaking intensive media capability building.

The skills acquired will help me publicize my much anticipated memoir, The All of It: A Bogan Rhapsody, as well as some exciting new film & television projects.

More swellness to follow <3