Cady parties at PrideFest WA 2022


Joining her Perth friends, Cadance gave talks about her memoir and partied.

Perth was the place to be in the final week of November 22. For Cady & Amanda, it meant arriving to a fresh murder at a hotel (really!) and then catching Covid 3 days later.

But that didn’t stop them having a wild hootenany of a time with Choon and the gang at Perth Pride W.A.

Out In Perth Article

Enqueer 2021


Cady was a special guest for the first ever Enqueer: Sydney Queer Writer’s Festival

A panellist for session “Transcribe”, Cadance discussed trans representation in the media and the arts.

Unlikely team-up: Money Magazine x Cadance Bell interview


An unlikely team up as Money Mag interviews Cady

Cadance Bell discusses why her gender transition is the best financial decision she ever made in September 2022’s edition Money Magazine Australia.

She discusses the financing of her increasingly bigly hijinx and shenanigans and her first experience of money as a kid (hint: there were Ninja Turtles). Available now!

Cadance Bell named champion of Women’s Health Week


Cady is the first transgender champion for Women’s Health Week Jean Hailles for Women’s Health announced Cadance Bell the first transgender person to become a champion of Women’s Health Week. Cadance said: “My hope after a really turbulent few years is that we all remember how to care for ourselves again, so that compassion can continue to spread”. Other champions...

The Big Issue #667


A short piece Cadance Bell wrote for issue #667 of The Big Issue Magazine In an exclusive piece for The Big Issue, Cadance Bell’s new short “A Beer for his Ghost” is available in issue #667 of The Big Issue – the magazine which helps people help themselves. Cady said she was delighted to work with the magazine for a special piece which explored a concept she called...

Who I Am World Premiere


A 15 year old transgender teen learns to be themselves with the help of their animated characters, The Fallens. A Walking Fish Production from writer/director Naomi Ball. Charlie (pronouns he/they) is a 15-year-old transgender teen who also has an autism diagnosis. Research shows that people on the spectrum are more likely to be trans or gender diverse, but little is known about why. Who I Am...

Announcing Letters to Our Robot Son by Cadance Bell


A plucky robot and his stubborn kitten traverse a post-human Australia.

Announcing her next literary project, Letters to Our Robot Son will be available on Amazon’s Audible as an Audible Original; FREE for subscribers.

Fifteen years in development, the novel follows a robot and its kitten as they travel a post-human Australia.

Mt Wilson Artist in Residence


Cady was the artist in residence at Mt Wilson in November 2021 This month I’ve had the honour of being the Artist in Residence at Mt Wilson in the Blue Mountains, where I’ve worked on my second book: Letters to Our Robot Son. Beautiful doesn’t capture this place. Nestled on the peak of a dormant volcano, Mt Wilson is lush and gorgeous, a sub-tropical paradise which feels like ascending into...